PositiveBlockchain cases in the Energy sector

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  • 1.06 billion people, predominantly rural dwellers, still function without electricity. Half of those people live in sub-Saharan Africa
  • More than 3 billion people, the majority of them in Asia and sub-Saharan Africa, are still cooking without clean fuels and more efficient technologies.
  • 1.3 billion people are still using kerosene for light


The targets including those set by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 7 – Affordable and Clean Energy

  • By 2030, ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and modern energy services
  • By 2030, double the global rate of improvement in energy efficiency
  • By 2030, enhance international cooperation to facilitate access to clean energy research and technology
  • By 2030, expand infrastructure and upgrade technology for supplying modern and sustainable energy services for all in developing countries


How can blockchain be a Solution?

New technological progress over the past years have open new market areas in all industries, reshaping the way data and value is captured, transferred, and used in all industries. Advanced programming & automation, new data network structures (e.g. distributed ledger technologies), artificial intelligence are among those.

In particular, distributed ledger technologies such as blockchain seem to offer endless possibilities to rethink how our world is organized. The blockchain – a digital ledger shared and stored on a network of connected computers around the world – is currently being tested in several use cases in the energy market such as:

  • enabling a peer-to-peer energy trading model
  • distribution of renewable energy
  • cryptocurrencies for monetary payments
  • smart metering communication and payments
  • IoT technologies for Smart Home applications


  • KHWCoin: a decentralized application where prosumers, consumers
  • and other distributed energy resources can connect and configure their energy resources
  • PowrLedger: a blockchain-powered renewable trading marketplace
  • LO3 Energy: a technology and business development consulting firm with a focus on emerging decentralized business models and innovative technologies related to energy, cleantech and currency systems
  • XiWATT: a platform for decentralized crowdfunding and trading of renewable energy assets, making green energy accessible to everyone. Powered by Blockchain technology.
  • Swytch: a blockchain platform that tracks and rewards the production of clean, renewable energy in real-time
  • Energi Token: a platform Decentralizing global energy markets by rewarding energy efficient behaviour
  • SolveMIT: a MIT’s initiative seeking innovative solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges on economic prosperity, health, learning, & sustainability
  • Bitlumens: a peer to peer platform where users adopt PV systems to reduce carbon emissions
  • Hydrocoin: the first cryptocurrency for the blockchain community empowering the hydrogen industry
  • M-Kopa Solar: a Kenyan solar energy company
  • New Era Energy : blockchain-enabled certification platform for measuring clean energy footprint
  • Restart Energy: the world’s first Ethereum token able to virtually store electrical energy.
  • SolarDAO: a blockchain platform to fund PV solar plants across the globe
  • Wattcoin Labs: the first platform to combine electricity and its value as one, startup out of University of Wisconsin Madison and Illinois Institute of Technology
  • EcoKraft: Impact investing platform to invest in SME Renewable Energy Projects in Emerging Markets
  • SolarCoin: a Blockchain based Solar Energy incentive program distributed in 27 countries
  • Grid Singularity: an Austria-based startup on its way to redefining the whole energy market with its comprehensive blockchain solution
  • Sun Fund: a Leader in Sustainable Bitcoin Mining
  • Brooklyn Microgrid: a Microgrid Intelligent System for Energy jointly built on the Ethereum by Lo3 Energy, Siemens and Consensys Systems, tested in Brooklyn
  • Electrify.Asia: the first retail electricity marketplace in Southeast-Asia addressing the need for transparency and security in the energy market
  • Waterig: a decentralized hub for energy generation and water collection using blockchain to enable community-level crowdfunding and micro-ownership without a central authority
  • Volt Markets: a decentralized blockchain solution for power markets
  • Enerchain:
  • The sun exchange: Investment platform that enables people to invest in the construction and earn income from the operation of solar farms in developing countries
  • Grid+: offer dramatic savings in home energy
  • Power Ledger: australian startup using blockchain technology to allow individuals who generate energy with renewables to sell surplus electricity to their neighbors
  • SolShare:  offers a blockchain-based swarm electrification service to allow solar producers to sell solar electricity to their neighbors
  • EDRcoin :
  • EnergyChain & EnegyEfficiencyCoin: energy-efficient blockchain designed to have a positive ecological impact
  • M-PAYG:
  • Enledger:


  • LO3Energy
  • GridSigularity




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