Welcome to the collaborative initiative between PositiveBlockchain and the Africa Blockchain Institute – mapping the promising African impact blockchain solutions! 

What is the initiative about?

The “Africa Web3 Impact Database” is a 2-month open initiative aimed at listing impactful projects and startups utilizing web3 and blockchain technologies for social and environmental good in Africa. 

Our goal is to provide updated 2024 insights in the key trends and developments in the African continent, identify the new champions and innovations that are taking ground and provide relevant use cases for replication and scaling locally or beyond.

Through this collaborative effort, we aim to create a valuable resource that not only showcases the diverse range of blockchain projects in Africa but also serves as a catalyst for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and inspiration. The initiative will foster a vibrant ecosystem, connecting stakeholders, and accelerating the positive impact of blockchain solutions on the continent.

Launch Webinar

Did you miss the Launch webinar on February 12th? Watch the recording here

How can you contribute to the Mapping?

Join forces as individual or organization

The project is steered by Africa Blockchain Institute and PositiveBlockchain. We are calling any organization, association and individuals out there to join the mapping effort. 

If you or your organization shares our passion for leveraging blockchain for positive change, we invite you to join us in this transformative initiative. Together, we can amplify the impact of these projects, inspire innovation, and contribute to sustainable development in Africa through the thoughtful application of blockchain technology.

Contributors will be reviewed and validated by our steering group. Once approved, you will join our team and will help identify, list and validate projects which will make it to the Mapping.

They already joined the collaborative effort

How will the mapping be conducted?

We are following definitions, inclusion criteria, the database schema and tools of PositiveBlockchain which curates the largest open database of such projects and startups (1500 listed as of January 2024). We will update existing entries and add new ones from projects with positive social or environmental impact with either a headquarter or a local implementation project in Africa. Read the FAQ and methodology page here.

👉  Mapping Methodology, tools and FAQ here

You are running a Web3 Impact project in Africa?

Examples of Africa web3 projects making an impact


100,000 plots digitised throug a blockchain powered Land Registry in Ghana

Grassroots Economics

Local Economic development through digital Community Inclusion Currency (CIC) on the Sarafu Network


decentralised crop insurance for 22000 Kenyan farmers with Etherisc and ACRE Africa


a platform for the African diaspora community to safely send Health Credits to relatives back home, and support health-care donations.


a market place to mobilize Global Finance for nature preservation by funding Black Rhino Guardianship in Namibia

“There are key principles that are inherent to blockchain, such as transparency, and decentralization which on the surface, can address many of Africa’s challenges. From elections, to international remittance, as well as energy services and alternatives to banking; Africa has many developing systems that could benefit from this technology”.

Mr Lacina Koné, Director General of Smart Africa
quoted from the GIZ “Blockchain in Africa” Report

A Database of Web3 project, and then what?

The mapping is a first step to prepare qualitative research. We intend to use the updated mapping of the ecosystem to prepare a detailed, qualitative report involving interviews, use case analyses, and social impact assessments involving existing partners such as INATBA and new ones! Such an approach has already been used for different reports in the past:

The Blockchain in Africa report by GIZ in 2020

The Blockchain in LATAM Report prepared with INATBA and Lacchain and published in November 2023

The Blockchain for SDGs report prepared by BlockchainforGood in 2022

The initiative will be the opportunity to create valuable resources that showcase the diverse range of blockchain projects in Africa and serve as a catalyst for knowledge-sharing, collaboration, and inspiration

We aim to foster a vibrant ecosystem, connecting stakeholders, and accelerating the positive impact of blockchain solutions on the continent. We suggest local and online events to be organized to maximize opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

What’s next?

We will send updates and invitations to the signed-up members:

Coordinating Team members

Kayode Babarinde
Executive Director
Africa Blockchain Institute

Israel Manga
Africa Blockchain Institute

Saurabh Singh
Head of Partnerships

Goodness Folayan
Africa Coordinator

Lucas Zaehringer
Founder & President

You want to partner or sponsor the initiative?

Financial donors and supporters are welcome to support the initiative, the funding of research resources and organisation of events for knowledge dissemination activities. Please get in touch via hello (at) positiveblockchain.io

New database launched in June '23