What is PositiveBlockchain?

PositiveBlockchain is a non-profit association exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact through its open database, knowledge platform and global community. The mission of the association is to build the web of knowledge and support collaboration for technology and social impact enthusiasts looking to leverage blockchain technologies for the U.N. SDGs

Our database currently lists more than 1400+ projects and startups using blockchain technologies for social impact. What all PB projects share in common is the aim to positively impact people’s life. These projects are either crowd-sourced or identified and qualified by PositiveBlockchain or its alliance partners comprising associations, universities or blockchain foundations. 

PositiveBlockchain is a contributor-based non-profit association registered in Paris and active globally. 

What do we do?

Database containing verified projects using Blockchain to bring positive impact to the world

Events and meetups organisation to provide visibility to positive impact Blockchain use cases

Knowledge Dissemination about Positive Impact projects in social media to reach a global audience

Collaborate with partners in projects related to Blockchain or SDGs achievement

Our 2023 goals

Technical stack 2023 improvement for database usability, sharing and visualization

Data quality enhancement through alignment with w3c standards and SDGs targets

Collaboration with blockchain platforms, universities, ecosystem
players to gather mappings in blockchain for SDGs

Our contributors

Board members

Carmen Ng
Lucas Zaehringer
Maciej Bulanda
Analía Ramos
Flavio Santalucia


Rica Amaral
Razali Samsudin
Razali Samsudin
Sandeep Bajurri
Paul Peschel
Ronald M. Steyer
Katrie Lowe
Maike Gericke
Susanne Köhler
Susanne Köhler
Lukas Mocek
Marco Perez
Nhan Vu
Tri Nhan Vu
Stacey Tsui
Stacey Tsui
Khalid Belghiti
Jessica Nono
Jessica Nono
Jessica Salama
Jessica Salama
Cole Bartlett
Cole Bartlett
Pegah Jamali

Welcome to new contributors!

Saurabh Singh
Saurabh Singh
Theresa Boettger
Theresa Boettger

Our partners

▶ Core contributors and friends

▶ Alliance & community partners


▶ Academia & research

▶ Institutional

Positive Blockchain’s 5th Anniversary is coming up from June 1-3 in Berlin! 🎉