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About Us

What is PositiveBlockchain?

PositiveBlockchain.io is an open-source database, media platform and community exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact. We like to call us Blockchain Positivists 

PositiveBlockchain projects are initiatives from startup, corporates, government or non-profit organization using blockchain and decentralized technologies as tools to create a positive impact and solve social or environmental issues. What all PB projects share in common is the aim to positively impact people’s life.

What do we do?

Database containing verified projects using Blockchain to bring positive impact to the world

Events and meetups organisation to provide visibility to positive impact Blockchain use cases

Help startups and organizations to assess and measure their positive impact

Collaborate with partners in projects related to Blockchain or SDGs achievement

Storytelling content about Positive Impact projects in social media to reach a global audience

Our contributors

Carmen Ng
Lucas Zaehringer
Maike Gericke
Sandeep Bajurri
Carla Walker
Khalid Belghiti
Clare McCartney
Paul Peschel
Katrie Lowe
Maciej Bulanda
Karsten Lessing
Lukas Mocek
Rica Amaral
Ronald M. Steyer
Nhan Vu
Tri Nhan Vu
Florent Thurin
Omar Bendjelloun-Touimi
Erwan Pesle
Carolina Soto
Analía Ramos
Andrea Vinelli
Anahi Santoyo
Pegah Jamali
Pier Paolo Perrone
Marco Perez

Our partners