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February 2023

Berlin event, BFG Blockchain & Sustainable Development report, new Partner ECOTA, UN BC100+ initiative ➡

November 2021

COP26, blockchain for carbon reduction, Climate Crypto, Cardano ➡

May 2021

PB News: Shaping Blockchain Communities in Africa event, Ethereum Foundation, Cardano, Moeda, FAO, Unicef and more ➡

March 2021

NFTs, SSI, SDGs, green finance, Principles for Digital Development, blockchain and trees, EU blockchain strategy, Minexx, Affinidi PoCathon

February 2021

PB in 2021, Woman’s day, Christies’ NFT, GoLandRegistry in Afghanistan, WEF report on crypto, Paylal investments

December 2020

Oxfam Unblocked Cash in Vanuatu, humanitarian platforms, blockchain for good 101 training, Etherisc in kenya, blockchain and elections, B4H awards, DAOs,

August 2020

Covid19, ProofofImpact, carbon reduction, Celo Alliance, community currencies

October 2020

Ribbon blockchain (healthcare), IOT, aid, NGO donations, blockchain in Africa

July 2020

Diversity & Inclusion, #BlackLivesMatter, UNICEF, Celo, and more articles

May 2020

Coinsense interview, #cryptocovid19, blockchain for prosperity, supply chain of COVID-19

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