What database and taxonomy are we using for the mapping?

  • We use the PositiveBlockchain website and Database for this exercise. It is already recognized as the leading open, neutral, cross-platform and cross-region registry for mapping such initiatives.
  • It includes informations about project activities, locations, servicing regions, related categories and UN SDGs, technology, social media links, etc..

What do we define as Africa Impact Web3 Initiatives?

We are following definitions, inclusion criteria, and the database schema of PositiveBlockchain which curates the largest open database of such projects and startups (1500 listed as of January 2024). 

General Inclusion: The mapping will include startups and projects from corporates, and public or non-profit organizations using blockchain and decentralized technologies as tools to create a positive impact and solve social or environmental issues. 

Maturity Stage: What all Web3 Impact projects share in common is the aim to positively impact people’s lives, whether they are purely mission-driven or not. 

Blockchain Relevance: The project should demonstrate that blockchain technologies represent a significant part of the solution they develop or implement. More than peripheral applications of the technology (for example the use of cryptocurrencies to accept donations) are required for a project to qualify.

Geographical Scope: Our focus is on projects headquartered in Africa, but we also welcome projects headquartered outside the continent with local service activities in Africa. This ensures a comprehensive representation of the transformative potential of blockchain technologies throughout the region.

Project types: It can include early-stage or mature projects as well as one-off experimentation and pilot initiatives.

Categories: This is the database schema as developed by PositiveBlockchain:  

UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDG) are attributed to projects based on the assigned Categories/Sub-categories, using a harmonized approach adapted from the TONIIC SDG model.You can find more information on the PB Data Wiki.

How can I update a project already listed on PositiveBlockchain.io?

Easy 3 steps:

    1. Go to the database search
    2. find the project page
    3. Click on “Claim/propose an Edit” on the right side
    4. Edit fields and submit the form!

How can I add my single project?

How can I join the core Mapping team?

Fill out this form and we will reach out to you!

How will projects be verified and validated?

Our review committee will verify and validate all submitted projects of those directly added in the contributor’s Google Sheet, before the completion of the Mapping phase.

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New database launched in June '23