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PositiveBlockchain.io is the open-source database, media platform and community exploring the potential of blockchain technologies for social and environmental impact. We like to call us Blockchain Positivists 🙂

Positive Blockchain projects are initiatives from startup, corporates, government or non-profit organization using blockchain and decentralized technologies called DLT’s as tools to create a positive impact and solve social or environmental issues. What all PB projects share in common is the aim to positively impact people’s life.

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Lucas Zaehringer, Tri Nhan Vu, Paul Peschel, Kai Schmidt, Erwan Pesle, Benoit Durand-Gasselin, Felix Green, Laura Roman, Tanguy Burtin, Benoît Guyot, Carolina Soto, Sandeep Bajjuri, Lukas Mocek, Carmen Ng, Omar Bendjelloun-Touimi, Balazs Nemethi, Ronald Steyer, Boris Dyckhoff, Simon Franzen, Ricardo Amaral, Florent Thurin, Analia Ramos, Logan Yonavjak, Daria Markova, Azusa Kato Kozma, Khalid Belghiti, Karsten Lessing, Carla Walker, Maike Gericke, Maciej Bulanda, Andrea Vinelli, Susanne Köhler, Nadra Abdallah-Khodja, Magot Pagès.

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