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  • UN Reports That Up To 50% Of Crop Value Vanishes Between Harvest And The Point Of Sale
  • 500 Million Small farmers supply 80% of food in developing countries
  • 66% of global conumers are ready to pay more for sustainable products
  • $940 Billion of food lost or wasted each year between the harvest and the fork
  • 50% food produced in Africa is wasted
  • On 470 million smallholder farms across Africa, lack of access to training and technology negatively impacts harvests and farmers livelihoods
  • 45.8 million people are trapped in slavery today
  • 71% of businesses admit there is probably slavery in their supply chain
  • 170 million children are engaged in child labor, which equals to 11% of children worldwide
  • In 2016, 21 countries experienced high or moderately high domestic prices, relative to their historic levels, for one or more staple cereal food commodities. Thirteen of those countries were in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Approximately $2 trillion per year of luxury products are counterfeited


  • create better treacability and transparency of products along a supply chain with a trustworthy, secure and shared record:
    • – visibility and data consolidation especially when records are disparate (for exempla there are multiple players in the food supply chain: farmers, processors, distributors, retailers)
    • – tracking, transparency & trust: consumers require transparency & trust. Regulators also need transparency and impose penalties for non-compliance
    • – Real-time issue resolution: remediation actions can be instantly triggered (supplier substitution, price adjustments, etc.)
  • Reduce or eliminate fraud, counterfeiting and black market trade
  • Improve inventory management
  • Minimize courier costs
  • Simpify global trade
  • Reduce administrative cost and paperwork


  • Te-Food: the only fresh food ecosystem which integrates supply chain companies, consumers, and governments/authorities to improve food safety, eliminate food frauds, and decrease costs of the supply chain companies
  • GoodCoin: a financial ecosystem of a new kind, coming with a mobile app and a cryptocurrency that let you pay in all local stores around you. While circulating, the Goodcoins rewards you for doing good and fund local projects to revitalize local economies.
  • Faircoin: a global cryptocurrency to be used for transfers among a global cooperative network
  • Bext360: a blockchain technologies that streamline critical supply chains in emerging economies especially used for coffee production
  • Slock.it: a German startup specialized in blockchain and IoT applications for the Sharing Economy
  • Swarm City: a platform for the first truly decentralized peer to peer sharing economy
  • Slavefreetrade: a movement aimed at eliminating modern slavery in the supply chains of the products that we buy. Your choices make a difference
  • Everledger: an authentification on the blockchain using notably for diamonds
  • Chronicled: a blockchain technology for the secure exchange of physical assets, especially working on supply chains, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting
  • Provenance: a social enterprise building a traceability system for materials and products using blockchain
  • AgriDigital: a company building the trusted and efficient agri-supply chains of the future where all participants can operate with full confidence
  • Bananacoin: the first environmentally friendly plantation in Laos which has released a utility token based on Ethereum, pegged to the export price of 1 kg of bananas
  • WWF / SeaQuest project for tuna fish provenance tracking: a partnership using blockchain technology, for the first time in the Pacific Island tuna industry, to track tuna fish from the vessel to the processing facility to the distributor
  • KROPS: an agricultural marketplace that wants to become the largest food hub in the world – without owning a single farm, and solve the global food crisis
  • Cobalt supply tracking: pilot project aiming at giving manufacturers a way of ensuring the cobalt in lithium-ion batteries for products such as iPhones and Teslas has not been mined by children
  • Minespider: a blockchain startup using blockchain to track responsible minerals
  • IBM Supply Chain partnerships: a project from IBM with multiple partners such as Nestlé, Unilever, Tyson Food, to develop and implement blockchain-based supply chain solutions
  • BeefLedger: an integrated provenance, blockchain security and payments platform for the beef supply chain
  • A transparent company: a company fighting for increased transparency of supply chain for fashion brands
  • Mineral Track: application that will reshape mining supply chains and incentivize responsible sourcing. Winner of the Consensys hackathon 2017
  • Transparency One: a blockchain powered auditing platform powered by Microsoft blockchain technology
  • Viant fish project: fish tracking project
  • Proyecto Colmena:
  • Heifer International:
  • Cargill: a pilot blockchain technology to track the provenance of its turkeys, providing consumers with information on where individual birds were raised
  • JV between IBM and Maersk:
  • Full Profile:
  • Somish:
  • ICS:
  • Arc-net:
  • Skuchain:
  • Ripe:
  • Farmshare:
  • Filament:
  • Blockverify:
  • Halotrade:




  • IBM Supply Chain use cases https://www-01.ibm.com/common/ssi/cgi-bin/ssialias?htmlfid=93014193USEN&



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