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  • 1,2 billion people who currently lack of document to prove they exist
  • US identity theft victims lost $15.4 billion in 2014
  • 82% online businesses report problems with fake users
  • There are 3.8billion people online
  • Only 71% of overal births are registered
  • Only 46% of all children under 5 years of age in sub-Saharan Africa have their births registered



  • Aid:Tech: a platform delivering digital entitlements via blockchain technology and digital identity
  • Uport: a Self-sovereign identity and user-centric data platform built on Ethereum: the keys to the digital world you’ve always wanted.
  • ShoCard: a platform providing secure enterprise identity authentication management and single sign on (SSO) solutions for your business, all powered by the blockchain
  • Deloitte’s Smart Identity: a next generation digital identity for individuals, organisations and IoT devices
  • Onename: a Fuel Decentralized Identity Protocol, like Facebook Auth, built on the blockchain
  • IDBox: a cost efficient device that enables people in developing countries to create a unique identity. The device is then used for voting remittance, energy trading, access to healthcare, etc.
  • Abt Associates (project with Papua New Gunea): an MOU with the Central Bank of Papua New Guinea to pilot blockchain-based efforts to establish and confirm identify and improve financial inclusion in Papua New Guinea
  • Civic: a blockchain identity-verification technology giving businesses and individuals the tools to control and protect identities
  • VERFiD: a startup from Malta working on digital identity incubated at MITA in 2018
  • EverID: a stealth-stage company working on user-centric, biometric, global identity solutions on the blockchain
  • Kora Network: a blockchain-based infrastructure for inclusive financial systems. We connect people, communities, and capital
  • Taqanu Bank: a globally accessible, secure and self-owned digital identity platform for refugees and people without an address
  • Estoni’s e-Residency: a new digital nation for global citizens, powered by the Republic of Estonia, that gives the ability to establish and manage a trusted location-independent company entirely online
  • Amply.Tech: a digital protocol that uses the power of information to amplify the social and economic impacts of services delivered through decentralised networks, and provides every child with their own self-sovereign digital identity based on the blockchain. This will enable children to receive benefits and services that they might have previously been excluded from.
  • BanQu: a FinTech company focusing on economic identities and extreme poverty
  • Chronicled: a blockchain technology for the secure exchange of physical assets, especially working on supply chains, brand protection and anti-counterfeiting



  • Balázs Némethi, CEO @Taqanu, Berlin
  • Alex Simons, Director of Program Management @Microsoft Identity Division
  • Ankur Patel, Principal Program Manager @Microsoft Identity Division
  • Adam Gunther, Director, Blockchain Trusted Identity @IBM
  • Daniel Buchner Head of Decentralized Identity @Microsoft




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