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  • Achieving the ambitious targets of the 2030 Agenda requires a revitalized and enhanced global partnership that brings together Governments, civil society, the private sector, the United Nations system and other actors and mobilizes all available resources
  • Humanitarian crises brought on by conflict or natural disasters continue to demand more financial resources and aid
  • Adapting current social and economic systems to be sustainable also needs pooling of financial resources, knowledge and expertise


The targets including those set by the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 17 – Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the global partnership for sustainable development

  • Strengthen domestic resource mobilization, including through international support to developing countries, to improve domestic capacity for tax and other revenue collection (foreign direct investments (FDI), official development assistance and south-south cooperation, remittances)
  • Assist developing countries in attaining long-term debt sustainability through coordinated policies aimed at fostering debt financing, debt relief and debt restructuring, as appropriate, and address the external debt of highly indebted poor countries to reduce debt distress
  • Encourage and promote effective public, public-private and civil society partnerships, building on the experience and resourcing strategies of partnerships
  • By 2020, enhance capacity-building support to developing countries, including for least developed countries and small island developing States, to increase significantly the availability of high-quality, timely and reliable data


Aggregating and securing relevant levels of aid funding is a key objective for every organisation involved in development aid work. The willingness to give or allocate funds is influenced by the ability of the organisation to create trust in a targeted use of the funds without losses.

Identifying inefficiencies, optimising effectiveness, and combating corruption is therefore central both to winning the confidence of existing and potential supporters as well as to achieving their own immediate goals. The verifiability, resilience, and transparency of block chain-based systems can help agencies assess, improve, and scale their models, reassure donors, and make receiving aid easier and more dignified.

In order to streamline the delivery of development aid, to close existing loopholes, and to collect the data necessary to improve the programme, South African startup Amply is providing children with their own digital identity based on blockchain technology. These identities and the personal data that Amply collects are privately owned and controlled by the individual (with some help from their guardians). Early Childhood Development centres use a mobile app to verify children’s attendance at classes and to capture other useful information to track service performance and impact. The system improves transparency and auditability, thereby increasing trust in the funding mechanism and helping to make more funding available to more children who need it. It also saves time and money spent on administration, and provides vital data about how and where services are being delivered.


  • AliceSI: a platform that brings transparency  to social funding through blockchain technology
  • Bithope: the first Bulgarian non-governmental organization (NGO) in public benefit that uses ONLY cryptocurrency to generate funds for the campaigns hosted on the BitHope.org website
  • Charity DAO: a blockchain-based project bringing revolutionary decentralized governance to giving
  • AntLove: a private, proof-of-stake blockchain that seeks to help make charities more transparent and accountable, from an Alibaba affiliate
    Seans’s Outpost: an ONLY homeless outreach in the world primarily funded by cryptocurrency
  • Bitgive Foundation: an American nonprofit organization that solicits bitcoin donations for use in charitable causes and allows donors and the public to trace transactions in real time
  • Grant Hero: a decentralized non-profit organization that fosters direct personal giving
  • DestiNeed: a platform that will disrupt the social sector by decentralizing charitable giving, via 1-click funding, with blockchain and smart contract technology, which will provide incentive for donors to “give smart”
  • Care Game: a responsible alternative for playing mobile games: our Care Game platform pays better game developers, and distributes a cut to NGOs !
  • Mom’s Avenue: a blockchain-powered, reward-based social entrepreneurship platform designed for women (closed, now Femergy)
  • World Peace Coin: a cryptocurrency that aims to route out the world poverty
  • PlayitOpen: a solution empowering positive impact project developers with the digital tools to better collaborate with their stakeholders, report on their projects, and deliver shared value.
  • Fidelity Charitable: a global charity now receiving millions of funds in crypto-currencies
  • Lytictail: a non-profit software company creating tax breaks for businesses, discounts for consumers, while giving 90% of all revenue to charity
  • Cryptorun: a crypto charity fundraising on Ethereum, with a 60KM ultra-run to support BeCode, a non-profit promoting tech education for all
  • UN’s World Food Programme (WFP)Building Blocks project: a project from the UN’s World Food Program to give cryptocurrency vouchers to Syrian refugees in Jordan
  • ImpactMarket: the charitable token designed to boost social impact through an open and distributed protocol based on the Ethereum blockchain
  • GIVE Foundation: a project that promotes an altruistic culture in children and teenagers who in return achieve a lifetime of happiness and financial wellbeing, through the power of cryptocurrency, .
  • Aidcoin: the ERC20 token that aims to become the preferred method to donate transparently through the Ethereum blockchain, as a project conceived and developed by CharityStars
  • Giveth: a non-profit blockchain-based platform designed to reengineer the incentive structure used for charitable giving by enabling ‘Decentralized Altruistic Communities” (DAC) come together in support of a cause or campaign
  • Pinkcoin: a blockchain-based network and tokenized donation platform
  • Disberse: a fund management platform for aid monitoring and delivery. “The Future of Aid Finance is Here”
  • ALMBank: a User-Driven Freelance and Charitable Job Market for ICO, Crypto Labor, and Blockchain Jobs
  • Clean Water Coin: a coin created to help fund the work of the NGO Charity:Water
  • CharitySPACE: the world’s first crowdfounding platform, which collects funds for charities (BTC, ETH, LTC..) and is also the first platform in which donors are also donated
  • GigaGiving: a platform which will provide a new way to make donations, conduct charitable campaigns and fundraisers, all in a completely transparent and publicly accountable way
  • Giftcoin: a groundbreaking new system designed to revolutionise charitable giving
  • HelperBit :a platform that brings transparency in charity and insurance sectors giving back power to people
  • The Water Project: a charity that provides access to clean, safe and reliable water and sanitation solutions across sub-Saharan Africa, one village at a time. They now accept donations in bitcoin!
  • ACT: a decentralized funding platform for Activism and Social Good, addressing social accountability by aggregating micro payments from citizens to fund grass roots proposals that drive change
  • Worldbank: The World Bank launched bond-i (blockchain operated new debt instrument), the world’s first bond to be created, allocated, transferred and managed through its life cycle using distributed ledger technology. The two-year bond raised A$110 million, marking the first time that investors have supported the World Bank’s development activities in a transaction that is fully managed using the blockchain technology.
  • CCCoin: a charitable crypto-currency that raises capital through currency exchanges and donates the proceeds to notable trusted charities chosen through a democratic voting process
  • Seeds: a decentralized, transparent, distributed platform for submitting and fulfilling monetary needs
  • Givetrack: a blockchain-based platform launched by Bitgive that allows donors to donate bitcoin to charitable causes and track those donations in real time.
  • CARDAMON: an end-to-end digital solution for humanitarian cash transfer
  • Comgo: a comprehensive smart contracts solution for transparency, auditability and accountability for the charity sector
  • Human Coin: a revolutionary platform bringing about the synergy of philanthropy industry, retail e-commerce and cryptocurrency markets, fuelled by the Proof of Charity mining protocol
  • TruBudget / Brazil: a pilot test of the application in the Amazon Fund. The Fund, which is managed by BNDES, has the German bank as one of the donors and carries out non-repayable financial operations, which are the focus of the memorandum.
  • Kindtrust: the first universal crowdfunding platform that empowers donors to track their impact while helping anyone. Winner of the Consensys hackathon 2017
  • Proof of purpose: an end-to-end solutions for charities; NGOs; and donors for improve Aid
  • Explore more projects: TruBudget Little Phil, Wishcoin, Donercoin, 2give, Humanity Road, Positive Women, Femergy, Benefactory, Dark Inquiry, Goodcoin, KindTrust, SocialCoin, Urban Array, Charity Space, Givecrypto, Boom Starter network, LyticTail, Philantor, Fidelity Charitable, CharityStars, cofound.it, we Trust, Hypergive, Utopi,Distributed giving project, GiveDirectly Lottery

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