Become a Contributor & Blockchain Positivist

If you land here it means you are interested in becoming one of our contributors and Blockchain Positivist, thank you for that and congratulations!

As you may know is listing blockchain projects, start-up and cryptocurrencies that have a positive social or environment impact. Projects are tagged and listed in the following categories: finance, education, people & peace, donation & aid, infrastructure, environment, government & public, democracy & voting, identity, food & trade, water, internet & media, energy, others.

Visitors can explore projects in the database as well as category pages through the menu (“Explore”).

The category pages are focusing on a specific topic and are the go-to source of information for people willing to dig into Positive Blockchain solutions in a given sector. The category pages list following info: title, keywords, challenges with facts & figures, UN’s SDG targets, positive blockchain solutions, projects and use cases, related organizations & networks, experts in the field, usefull links & resources, related events, related videos, page contributors. Here is an example with the Category page for Energy.

Apply as  Contributor & Blockchain Positivist here.

Things you can help with (Contibutors usually spend at least 1-2h/per week)

  • Enrich Database
  • Enrich single project pages
  • Curate category pages (sector-specific knowledge)
  • Animate community
  • Organize local events
  • Write articles and conduct interviews


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